Inbred white tigers

United States
September 13, 2010 8:26pm CST
I recently saw a thread on another website where someone was protesting white tigers because of the inbreeding that goes on to get white tigers. I have mixed feelings about breeding white tigers. First of all, people have been inbreeding animals for hundreds of years to make them look the way we want. Every breed of dog in existence was formed through selective breeding. To me breeding white tigers is the same thing. Eventually, you have enough white tigers that you don't need to inbreed them anymore. Actually, I am more concerned with other issues that have to do with tigers. Tigers are bred in captivity all the time. Baby tigers bring in more people and help raise money, but what happens to them when they're all grown up? Zoos don't have the resources to keep all the tigers, so they sell them to farms where people can go for canned hunts. A canned hunt is basically where the animal is confined so they can be shot for sport. I'm interested in all of your opinions, so post away, mylotters.
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@koperty3 (1877)
29 Jul 11
I watched program called The Lion Man. This is amazing story about man who is working with wild cats and he is owner Of Zion - The wild cats park in New Zeeland. His job is to bread wild cats specially white tigers and white lions are they are very rare and returning them to nature. Lion man is really great guy who devoted his life to big cats. I think if you have concerns you should seek some information about this guy and his park.