Our deamer change following the time

September 14, 2010 3:09am CST
When I was a child, I want to become a teacher because I love my teacher at school. When I studied at high school, I wish I can become an scientist. When I was 18 year old, I wish I want to be a philanthropist. And I only want to make more and more money now. I want to be a businessman. How do you do? Do your dreamers change following the time?
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• Vietnam
14 Sep 10
It's true, when you grow up, everything will change, I change my mind many times. WHen I was a child, I would like to be a scientist, when I in the high school, I would like to be a IT. BUt now, I really wnat to earn money, so I study encomic. haha We have something in common.
• Vietnam
15 Sep 10
But I know that there are many persons keep their dreamer for a long time. Almost of them reach to success. So, do you think that we should keep our dreamer or change them following time?
• Philippines
14 Sep 10
Ambition changes as you get older because you learn new things and discover more about life. Before I began school, my mom loves music, and she encourages me to dance with the famous song before. When I see the once famous dancer before on television, I would began to imitate her the way she dances. I said I'd like be a dancer someday. When I began studying in an exclusive for girls catholic school. I see nuns during school days, teaching us and sharing knowledge about God, and I see them always happy. I thought I'd like to be like them someday. As time went by, it changed to becoming an astronomer, to psychologist, then to having my own business.
• Malaysia
14 Sep 10
My dream follows the current common interests which is normally related to the age factor. Working around the clock from a part to whole and vice-versa in achieving the set final target or goal. Once finished, another final goal has to be set up.
• China
14 Sep 10
Oh,we have something in common too! when I was a child, I want to become a scientist ,because I like biology very much,but I choose geography for my specialty in my collage, I hope one day I can go abroad, and I like geology very much ,I particularly like paleontology.Sometimes I spand the whole day stay on the mountain besides my home to find different kind of stones ,thinking their conformation and formed time etc. And now I want to work harder,learn more and earn more money ,I hope I can give more money to may parents and my family also to buy a house.