you and person you love argue. do you turn your back?^^

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September 14, 2010 2:37pm CST
hi guys^^ when you and person you love argue do you turn your back? ^^ i hope not. i never turn my back. i say all i have to say it hurts me inside if i shut things to me. but there was this guy i had feelings for and seems he loves me too but he always always turns his back to me when we argue and never wants to listen. im trying to forget him these days bcs even today he said i just care for my feelings and not for his. that i make videos to other guys and to him dont and is like he needs that i say everyone i love him and only him when was supposed he also did that for me. is like he wants me to be all me doing romantic things and he doesnt need to do :( im tired of it. we are not lovers now bcs things didnt go ok but still i couldnt forget him completely :( what am i suppose to do? i hate bcs he always turns his back to me :( what about you guys? do you also turn your back? if you do please dont that really hurts the other person. he makes me cry when start to act so stupid. what about you guys? please share
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15 Sep 10
If this person makes you this unhappy, you need to either tell him that and ask him to watch what he says to you or you really need to forget about him and find someone who doesn't make you feel bad and doesn't make you cry. The good ones, the ones worth your time, don't make you cry.