the bill of rights-U.S.A

@ddzdvd (361)
United States
September 14, 2010 6:06pm CST
i remember growing up as a kid i got my first .22 rifle bolt action single shot rifle,and i could run all around my neighborhood showing my gun off proudly,pretending to be a cowboy fighting imaginary indians,shooting at all sorts of targets and no one ever really paid it much attention other than the occasional "yall be careful and stay out of trouble" for the most part all of us kids ran pretty much free and wild-we actually lived litterally by the bill of i got a little older i got a bigger gun and a pickup truck and proudly hung my gun up in the back window and put an old reliable six shooter in the glove forward to today.if i did that now or let my son loose with a gun,the establishment would not be able prosecute me fast enough.what happened to us?when did americans lose thier independance and love of freedom?and do you think that in our life time we will ever really get to live according the bill of rights?
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