What is more important for success in life Hard Work or Talent?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
September 15, 2010 4:37am CST
Hi friends a question that always bothers me right the time I became adult is to be successful in life what is more important Hard Work or Talent? Please don't post diplomatic answer. Come out with a clear cut answer. Which is the most important Hard Work or Talent?
2 responses
• India
24 Sep 10
It is simple, hard work pays. Even if you have talent and you do not do hard work, it is nothing of a help to you. So keep on doing hard work.
@Metatronik (5911)
• Pasay, Philippines
15 Sep 10
As I analyzed it before I answer this question I think the HARD WORK is more important compare to talent. But in reality of course both of it are important factors for us to become successful. I answer hard work because I believe into this quotation of try and try until you succeed and practice makes perfect. Talent is such a blessing but sometimes it is worthless if you are not using it in proper manner like being so lazy in working or do something bad within the community that might affect your career or the company. For example I have someone that I know who became my officemate as well. I was so envied of her because of her talent that she can make fast, to the extent that other people are trusting her talent. But then I have heard to my fellow colleagues as well that she is a theft. So what is the use of being talented if you can't be trusted especially in companies? Admit it that trust is important in our daily lives and for the success of the company and its own.