How do you view life?

Friedrich Nietzsche - This is the photo of the most famous and prominent philosopher in the 19th century named Friedrich Nietzsche.
September 15, 2010 4:41am CST
There is one philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche who argue that the highest value in life is life itself. He is too optimistic that life must be lived despite the tragedies that happen on it. He criticizes the notion of value being taught in religion such as the value of humility and the belief on the other world. For him, to believe in the other world is a kind of nihilism. A nihilist believes in a world which is not ought to be and do not believe in this world of ours which is ought to be. To believe in the other world is to make the world that we live now underestimated. The other world of Christianity devalues the world here and thereby negates the life on earth by imposing values that are absolute. What he suggested is that we made values rather than we are made by those values. He thereby proposes that we must create values that promote life in the here and now rather than on something else. How about you? Do you think that he has a point to consider?
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• United States
27 Sep 10
I think this is a commendable view of life to take, to say the least, but unfortunately it might be getting harder and harder for people to achieve, at least in America. What used to be the land of opportunity has become a squabble for crumbs while the rich people at the top of the pyramid are eating their sumptuous cakes, all but oblivious to the plight of the "little people." Still, I believe that everyone can still live with dignity and self-respect, regardless of their job or financial situation. This is something I grapple with daily, as I stutter, and sometimes it is hard to hold on to self-dignity when you have trouble saying simple words that a 3-year-old can say fluently. Nevertheless, I believe I have made up for this flaw with my ability in writing and reading, and I do hope to become a writer someday.
• Canada
25 Sep 10
I actually agree with this. I don't think there's any value to life beyond what we create for ourselves. Many people consider that nihilism, but I find it very freeing. I am free to create my own purpose, and my own happiness. Furthermore, if I am unhappy, it is not my place to blame others, because the highest goal I have is to create my purpose (happiness) without taking away from the freedom or happiness of others. I do not agree with viewpoints (like religions) that impose a purpose on others.
@urbandekay (18312)
15 Sep 10
Nietzsche is often misunderstood. What is it, that is beyond good and evil? answer than and it may change your view of his work all the best urban