Just imagine the end of the end!!

United States
September 15, 2010 9:39am CST
I know that it's absolutely wrong because you will need to have an infinity energy to be moved at this speed but I want to know what will happen if it happened .. I've read a lot about these subjects and knew about time dilation .. That if we reached the speed of the light our space would reach the infinity of time in no time .. Because as we speed up our ship, our time goes slower so when our ship's speed reach a very high speed compared to the speed of light ..So for example any event will happen in 1 minute in the ship it will take more than 1 minute for who sees this event from the earth (for example 5 minutes) so when we reach the speed of light our time will be ZERO!! .. And that means that the time of the earth -for example- will be INFINITY!! (Because if we substitute in Einstein equation it will equal 1 over 0) And that's what I've known from the theory of Relativity .. So imagine what if it happened?? Imagine that you will never can come back to the earth because it will be ended and no one will be alive except you .. Just imagine the end of the end!!
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@Yheart (497)
• Indonesia
15 Sep 10
That's very scary. Alone without having anyone by my side is really worst. It'll make me lonely and wish to die. I'll cry alone loudly.