Friendship gone away

September 15, 2010 11:25am CST
I think I know this friend I became a penpal with in the mid-nineties. But lately, when I was replying to her Facebook post regarding a child who has a cleft, and the mother thinks that it is punishment due to her "sin". I reacted by saying that God is not to be blamed for such, and that there are factors that caused it, and one is that the mother might be taking drugs, alcohol, and stuff like that when I was still in school. In addition, I also mentioned how some people in Africa use God to drive away some demon from a child that was possessed, when in fact they are abusing the child already. I was so surprised later on when she replied that she took cocaine, drank alcohol while she was pregnant with her baby. She mentions this renowned geneticist who is her baby's doctor. She thinks I am judging her when in fact, I did not know that she did all those things to herself. She was so negative in her reply that I did not know what to say. I felt sad because the way I see it, it is a friendship nearing its death. I immediately deactivated my account, and created a new one in Facebook. Up to this day, I still feel sad about the fact that she immediately judged me for my answer.
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