Urban Legends

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September 15, 2010 12:06pm CST
I love watching the show Urban Legends on Saturdays. Some of the legends are true and some are false. If you had to think of a urban legend that you would not want to happen to you what would it be? I would hate to find myself in a tub of ice and find out someone took one of my kidneys.
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@trisha27 (3498)
• United States
16 Sep 10
Oh my God, well that one took the cake for me Kerri. Lol. the whole thing of being in a ice tub and find out someone took your kidney. Lol that is a fear of mine or just finding out that I've been shot and didn't know about it until years later lol. Or that other one, well actually it came to not be true, but that would be scary if I went to the doctor to only find out that I was having a baby octopus lol. I would be like, um, well I wanted a baby human not an octopus. I don't even know what I'd do in that situation. On whether or not I'd want to keep it or set it free and want no one to kill it lol. But anyways you are the person that got me hooked on that show and I love that show we watch it together every saturday and I enjoy watching each one to see if they are true or not. Thanks for getting me hooked on it and I think other people that are able to watch the show, should definitely check it out. You would be hooked as well.