Company of Heroes Online

@wazzeh (17)
September 15, 2010 12:36pm CST
Company of Heroes was one of the best real-time strategy games on the PC when it debuted in 2006. Now the World War II game is returning as an online game with a brand new business model for the U.S. market. The Open BEta has launched on 01.09.2010. This game is a test of the market. Up until now, free-to-play games were often unbranded Asian titles that were unknown to Western gamers. But this game franchise is popular among PC gamers in the West, and it had an average review score of 93 out of 100 on Metacritic. THe new Company of Heroes Online game will be the same as the game that was released in 206. You play either as the Americans or Germans during World War II, controlling a whole company of soldiers as they battle for control of a map. It's played from a bird's eye view of the action and is almost like playing with miniature toys. But the graphics are cool and the action can be quite fast, since the combat happens in real time, as each player makes moves simultaneously. The game is beautiful with realistic action motions such as bombing runs, explosions heavy machinegun fire and tank destruction. Many units with unique abilities. A great game after all NOW for free!
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• South Africa
22 Mar 13
My brother has played it. Hes a huge fan of company of heroes. Both he and i own all their games. Anyway he says that Company of Heroes Online is not so great and its like a beta version of what we use to. Its not very complete as the previuos games. Still, its worth a go. Its not terrible but not quite as good. Hope this helped
@milous (39)
• Slovak Republic
15 Sep 10
I can't wait to try this game! I'm drooling just reading this :D