September 15, 2010 6:12pm CST
are you that kind of person who's always sincere and likes to say things straight to the face or do you think a little lie could sometimes "save the situation"?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
4 Oct 11
Sometimes I wonder if we actually like hypocrites when we say that does not support the lie. Because, in fact, support is not to be told to tell the truth or face green. It is true that it's hard to tell the truth in the face just because people do not accept it. So, if you can not say anything nice, keep silent. But that's not honesty. We have many ways to avoid the truth, to envelop the thousands of beautiful clothes in layers so thick common sense or, worse, flattery or fear, that we come to no longer recognize. How well we know to appreciate the sincerity? And when I say honestly I do not mean incivility or delicacy, but simply the power to say things in the world. How many people have "out of the soul" because they tell us truths that hurt us? And to what extent is good, salutary, to be honest and to what extent we should know how to mind looking at him the other in the eye? After all, honesty is constrained by the label, polite or otherwise, of unwritten rules. And what is honestly for some may be offensive to others. And, as usual, every concept is relative. Honesty has many sides that eventually we can all claim to be honest. And maybe most important is to be honest even with yourself. To keep there in your soul, a bit of truth to admit it every day. Yes, even you yourself do not lie. At least you respect yourself, to see yourself as you are, let me be sincere to you a mirror for all the lies for social reasons. Finally, you can honestly say that the food that we were visiting was horrible, that gives young cuconita which is awkward adolescence with its stalks and spoiled smile, that neighbor dog barking even supports animal petting whenever meets on the landing just because the neighbor's boy to work and do not want to upset him. Finally, to be honest even with ourselves and everything would be more reassuring.