could i be having signs that i want to get married already?

@nikramos (701)
September 15, 2010 8:56pm CST
for the past months, my dream of getting married has actually gone stronger. i always do researches on weddings specially on the type of wedding i want. although part of it is because i'm an event planner, but there's just so much gusto that it's hard to explain and i think is too far beyond being just interested in knowing the craft of wedding planning.i mean if i always do weddings, it can get boring at some point because it's all the same. i always find myself imagining being so in love and marrying my boyfriend (although for some reason, we cant yet). i kept images of how i want my reception to look like, or my gown, or my invitations. i don't know but could there be explanation as to why i long to get married? not with one person in particular, but i look forward to marrying whoever the right guy is for me. share your opinions :)
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• Quezon City, Philippines
17 Sep 10
i think most girls like weddings or would love to get married themselves because of the ceremony's romance and the beauty of the event itself. in my case though a simple wedding will do just fine, as long as i'm marrying the love of my life :)
16 Sep 10
How could i not desire marriage when I am far from my beloved. The thought of marriage and family always fills my everyday thoughts. I ask God to give me signs and clues, and it gives me alot of interest and eagerness. LAtely, we went to this place where everything is 1 riyal. By the way, I am currently working in Saudi Arabia, thats why im using the Saudi riyal currency. ANyway, my friend told me she need to buy a ribon for her room. And me, thinking ill just stand in one corner and wait for her, suddenly got interested in these cute ribbons with flowerettes which are usually use by kids around 3 years old and above. I became so excited to touch it that i almost broke the glass furnitures besides it. A quick thought suddenly cross my mind. I need to buy these ribbons because my four nephews will use it during my marriage ceremony. And as i started to realize my actions after few minutes of being so eager and excited, i just thought mybe i am just desperately longing for a marriage ceremony when i go for a vacation. ANd it keeps me interested that i even canvass for more things for my dream wedding. But the sad part is that, my boyfriend doesnt know that Iam planning to get married. I know its not wise to surprise him because marriage plans is not so easy that we could just plan it right away. We've been planning it before, few years before..But he doesnt know that I desperately wanted it this year. I am scared he might not agree because its too soon.. But the thought of being far from him just gets me so desperate. Negative thoughts runs into my mind and maybe It will stop when i finally see him with me in the isle.
@Sofie84 (28)
• Belgium
16 Sep 10
I also want to get married, I think it is a dream of every girl(or almost every girl). I have also decided what kind of dress I want, where I want the reception, the dinner party and so on. Planning a wedding seems really great and I would love doing it.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
16 Sep 10
Hello Nikramos! We have the same feeling..hahahaha!I love making plans about wedding, I even sketched wedding gowns and wedding venues, list down the menu on the reception and wrote the script on wedding cotillion I dreamed to organize on my wedding day as the highlight of the ceremony. But then again, I have no boyfriend lol! and up to now no sign of prince charming in my surroundings, so i don't know if all these eagerness is really an indication that marriage is on the way. I am not sure anymore :-(