Do you hate This CAPTCHA thing?

United States
September 16, 2010 2:03am CST
I know some of you know this CAPTCHA, It is a program that regulates bots by generating and grading test the one you type in the text or picture shown before your sign up process will be activated. I'm not against this program but sometimes its really really hard to understand and even you type it right many-many times you end up repeating again. I know you can refresh the words generating to understand the image. But sometimes its just too complicated. So what experiences do you have encountering CAPTCHA?
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• Bulgaria
17 Sep 10
They annoy the hell out of me. But at least they do prevent some bots form the Internet. Maybe its a small price to pay for not being bombarded with spam bots all the time. Either way someone should invent a new system which is easier to use
@grayxenon (1307)
• Philippines
17 Sep 10
they are quite annoying especially in some website where you can hardly read the captha and is wondering if you can input lowercase or follow the exactly the image or letter.
@chiyosan (29383)
• Philippines
16 Sep 10
I don't really hate it.. i think its actually okay though.. but sometimes they are irritatng and are not really helpful. hehe
@darkbox (67)
16 Sep 10
Yes sometime its so difficult to read it just annoying that you miss type the word but it also helps up to eliminate bots.