Who don't expect perfection?

September 16, 2010 2:27am CST
Perfectionism tends to have two components: a positive side, including things like setting high standards for themselves; and a negative side, which involves more deleterious factors, such as having doubts and concerns over mistakes and feeling pressure from others to be perfect. It's natural for us to pursue important things. such as job. If you are a upervisor, you should be strict with your underling to do better job,didn't make any mistake. As a wife in my family, I should ask my husband do perfect things.Sometimes I use my standard to strict my husband, he can't accept my "perfect" standard. I knew I will bring high pressure to him and my familes. Who don't expect perfection?
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@takie23 (142)
16 Sep 10
There are no perfect men in this world, only perfect intentions ~Pen Densham Perfectionist, most times, push people away simply because they can't bring themselves to the realization that NO ONE is perfect. Who don't expect perfection? MANY!, and the reason is because, rather than being all perfect, people now want more and more to be happy. What's the use of forcing perfection on people around you, except if you want them all to be stressed out and as a result, try to avoid you. Not because they don't love you, but because you are draining the life out of them and they just can't take it that much. Besides, what is the standard so high that you set for your husband? As long as he's faithful and responsible, I don't see why you can't accept a bit of imperfections here and there, since that's how we all are. There's a big difference between "trying our best" and "being perfect". "Trying our best" is practical. It lets you learn through experiences and become better, "being perfect" is impossible and trying to pursue that drain the living life out of you. Peace.