What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word death?

September 16, 2010 3:07am CST
I'm a person who tends to look at things in shades of gray. So with no ifs and buts I would say that the subject of death to me is nothing more than being the endpoint of ones existence. The end of both the good and the bad that we experience in this life. Setting aside emotionalism in the corner, it's basically just the full stop of all things we know as a living creature if we happen to compare it to a sentence. The end of the road. The end of myLotting. lol But how about you? What comes to your mind when you hear or think about it? Do you feel like not talking about it because it bring sad memories or some anxious feelings about some you-don't-want-to-think situations? Does it bring some degree of ambivalence in your feelings and thought processes? Pour it out my fellow myLotters. Let us hear your thoughts. Let us feel your feelings. Let us hear your answers...
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