Tips 2 Reduce Global Warming! Please read...

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November 17, 2006 12:51pm CST
Question: Will you follow these tips to reduce global warming now that you are aware how easy it is?~TIPS~++at home, business and work we can help by turning our heat down to 68 in cold weather and our air conditioning up to the 80s in the summer. also make sure your home is winterized and not losing energy through fixing insulation, windows, doors, etc. ++use energy efficient appliances ++reduce waste and reuse and recycle ++don't use one time use items like paper plates and utensils, throwaway cameras, etc ++turn off lights, vcr and computer or whatever is on if its not being used. also, you might think an appliance is turned off but if your vcr is still displaying the time, it is still using energy so unplug it. ++also walking, biking and taking public transit instead of each of us alone riding in our gas guzzling cars of whatever size, it is all a waste. consider hybrid cars. you can find more information if you look for it.
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• Canada
18 Nov 06
that is an excellent list of tips to follow. i could follow most of the items on that list. i live in an old house and it is drafty. i fixed a few windows and that definitely cut down on my heating bill. also i shut off the rooms i don't use so i don't have to heat those rooms. maybe add that idea to your list, ok?