Curves is great!

September 16, 2010 8:52am CST
I live in a country (Guyana)where it is actually considered cool to have curves. Before anyone mentions the health question I'll say that it is not a popular trend for Guyanese to die from the weight related illnesses. This might be because about 99% of Guyanese walk, and we don't have elevators here(we probably have 3/4, and in the hospitals the general public is not allowed to use them), we take the stairs. We have some gyms but they don't do a very profitable business here. As I was saying Guyanese men like women with curves, and we are quite happy with that. The pressures to loose weight normally come from within because we might want to keep our weight below a certain point (which might also contribute to the fact that we are healthy people). If a Guyanese woman is too thin (say 110lbs to anything over 5'4") people think you must be sick. Lol. Ladies and gentlemen what do you think, is it better to live in a country like Guyana where having curves is regarded as cool (and you are able to stay healthy by walking) or do you think any woman not interested in being a size six or smaller is crazy?
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
16 Sep 10
I think moderation is the best in both directions. So I think some girls might be happier in Guyana because of the perception of beauty there, but I think us all moving to Guyana is not really the solution, the Western countries need to start working on have more realistic views on beauty themselves. But it is very interesting to hear about how different it is there! I would love to hear more about Guyana too, I have never been would would love to go at some point in the future...
• Guyana
17 Sep 10
I didn't mean to suggest anyone move here, only showing another side of beauty. And I knew they need to be more realistic. Fact is there are many types of beauty. I wrote this article as an encouragement to women everywhere because I am saddened when i see so many women who are beautiful but they themselves can't see that, instead the destroy themselves to confirm to someone else view of what beauty is when beauty is about personal taste, and your perception of things. One person can look at you and see nothing to write home about while another will see a work of art. If you want to read more about Guyana read this article i just wrote under travel. it is title Guyana is God's country.
@urbandekay (18312)
18 Sep 10
Depends what you mean, the models on telly look like that because the men in the fashion industry are gay, so of course they want the women to look like young boys not women. Women should have curves, especially in the right places! all the best urban