No Throwing of Garbage and Spitting down the street or else?????

September 16, 2010 12:23pm CST
You are going to pay 500 to 1000 Pesos if you violate this rules then if you can't pay the penalty then you have to cooperate with the community service like cleaning the Urinal . I actually agree regarding this rule that they are implementing. Because come to think this way, we are over populated in our country even only in Manila, then count those trashes that are on the street then it will be more than our over population even though that is just small things like candy wrapper, used cigarette sticks, and other more. We should realize that we are the cause of the disaster especially flood that can harm ourselves or even our love ones. So we must learn our lesson now. We should not blame other people but us! We must have mental discipline in order for us to help the community. I even called my boyfriend about it since it is his attitude of throwing his cigarette sticks everywhere. Sometimes I am letting him to pick it up and throw it inside the trash can when he did that in Mall of Asia. I hope they would not ended up of implementing this rule.