If you can't get through certain business phone number?

United States
September 16, 2010 4:41pm CST
A cousin of mine, she is attempting to freeze her credit from those 3 credit bureaus. Maybe there was a some error after she try to do it online manually. So, there is a phone number on the website and telling her to call this number if she has any question. She called several times to this 1 - 800 number, no human being answer it, only the automated system. It was like a dead end. From my co - workers discussion, some businesses really intend not to have a real person to answer their customers in any circumstances. I just don't know what they afraid of if they have real business running out there. Some suggest this website called "gethuman.com", where you can input the business name, and they will give you those numbers you can call to in speaking to a real human being. Maybe the headquarter, or the real customer service office.
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