What I Call the "Buzz" factor in Sports General!!!!!

United States
September 17, 2010 2:57am CST
Ok My 13year old son just started his first year in High School(big freshman now) and hes been a 3 sport athlete since the age of 6(Football,Basketball,Baseball). I may sound biased here because hes my son but bare with me, he is very talented and has the size and smarts to be great, right now hes just good. I was a 3 sport athlete as well and ended up playing Div.I basketball on the collegiate level(went to the same college as Marshall Faulk same time same age, ooch did I really just give my age away, oh well it was inevitable. Anyway now lets get to the Buzz factor that I speak of. I tell my Son that if you desire to be an elite athlete and recieve a Div.I athletic scholarship you must be willing to create the Buzz factor about yourself. When I say willing I mean put in the extra time and hard work in the weight room,after practice sessions on your own with no one to impress but yourself, the dicipline to be better all around(classroom,as a human being) and push yourself to limits you didnt know you had in order to have the Buzz factor. You must believe your the best, demonstrate your the best and Be the Best, all while being a great leader and example at the same time. How many times has one of us gone to watch a High School football,basketball or baseball game where theres a Buzz that a certain player pocesses(theres a buzz among the crowd as well). He/she stands out above the rest. They have a paticular swagger about them that keeps us all(fans)waiting for what he/she may do next, we cant wait to see because we know it will be special and entertaining to the fullest. Those are the player/athletes that reallized what it took to be "The Dude/Gal". You don't have to be super gifted, you just have to be willing to go above and beyond the norm. Most student atletes will enjoy there experience when playing on any one paticular team through out there 4 years in High School and some will be an average to good athlete but few will dawn the title of the Buzz factor athlete. Those who do are among an Elite group who decided that they wanted to be the best.
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