Earn some money from your designs

September 17, 2010 3:51am CST
HI, I have been trying to find ways of getting money from what I love to do drawing and painting it is very hard these days, I think because there are so many talented artists and designers. So I have decided to try designing for competitions and have found 3 sites that could prove good. the first is 99designs.com here there are many design competitions that if you win you get paid and could find more work and your design may be used in a comercial way it for everthing from logo design to web site design. The secound is minted.com an american company slling celebrations cards and the like you can submite design to them and they may and may not be win but you would get paid and can get a commission from net sales. the third is threadless.com a te shirt company looking for designs for thier tee shirts. I think its all worth a go it will at least fill my port folio with new designs. if any has been successful in any of these it would be great to hear your experiance. Or have you been earning from your designs in an other way would like to hear from you.
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@Kirinx (1693)
• United States
21 Oct 10
Interesting information I think I will tell my sister about this since she loves to doodle little designs here and there. The one with the commerical sounded pretty cool definetly something to do with your artwork. Have you tried any of these by chance? and how is it going for you?
22 Oct 10
Hi, I'm glad if this information is of use to youor sister I have not got round to submiting my designs to them yet I have been working with a local footy team to develop a new logo and web site but I will be trying them out. sorry for my spelling in the discussion above I must have been in a rush!! cafepress.com or cafepress.co.uk if in the uk is also one I have just started its like a shop its free and you can upload designs on to anything from mugs to tee shirts, bags buy one for yourself and promte your store and sell your designs on stuff. Good luck.