Why india is not on the top position?

September 17, 2010 11:03am CST
Dear all, We in India have most of the things in good numbers then why we are not on the top position. Like, we have most number of people, hence more labour or less labour cost. Secondly, We are worlds 3rd largest producers of doctors, engineers and scientists. But then also we far behind in top software Comapies. I believe Brain Drain is the biggest problem for all of us? What do u think?
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@sona22 (1431)
• India
17 Sep 10
The resources are not all. For an all round development we need honesty, integrity and patriotism. But if we look around us I personally feeling very unhappy. We have resources but no honest management and govt. policy. All are trying to fetch money by exploiting others. I am very sorry to mention here that we are not cautious about the heath of the people. So after 63 years of independence we failed to check FOOD mixing. We failed to educated the people to grow the sense to abstain themselves from FOOD mixing, I want to mean FOOD ADULTERANT. e are mixing water with milk, stone-chips with Rice so on ..... The offices are full with bribe takers. SO let us change ourselves then the country will develop and took first position.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
2 Oct 10
I think there are many reason for India is not on top. I think the biggest problem of my country is politics. Yes this dirty politics is more responsible for our slow growth. I think if politicians wants to take our country on top then it can be possible. But I think mostly politicians are corrupted and wants to full their pocket with money. So they sell their country in any other hands slowly-2. Because here are also many peoples are uneducated. And the ratio of uneducated persons is very high. And also there are many unemployed persons. So these are things which are really responsible for India is not on top.