So yet another reason I hate my job

United States
September 17, 2010 11:27am CST
So this year our county is hosting the annual coroner's convention in Pittsburgh. A while back when we first found out that we were hosting my boss said something about we would be able to go. I was super excited thinking finally some action around here. She even mentioned that I may be able to take the continuing education course that they offer. The county would be the one to pay for it. Well the convention is next week as I asked the Coroner yesterday to see if I could go and help at the information desk. Of course I am not allowed to go. This crap is really starting to piss me off. At first when I asked him he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about (the table, not the convention itself) and said he had to ask my boss. Well when she came in this morning she said that he asked her about it and he felt it would be better if I stayed in the office because someone has to be here. There is another girl who works here and could give two craps about that stuff. Why can't she sit here all day?? That's like that only reason that I even work here is so everyone can go out and do crap on couny time that they're not supposed to do. I'm just there to cover everyones butt and I'm done with it. The bad thing is that I can't just quit. My husband isn't working and we're already struggling because of that.
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