Contact lenses vs Glasses

September 17, 2010 12:48pm CST
Do you have a sightness problem? so which one is better whether wearing the contact lense or just use the glasses as long as to correct our astigmatism? I think contact lense have more advantages than glasses but I read a lot of disadvantages about contact lense is harmfull to our eyes and can caused the blind efect.. erm.. how many times per year or month to recheck our "power" of sighness after wearing contact lense or glasses?
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@LaDeBoheme (1988)
• United States
17 Sep 10
I am extremely nearsighted and have astigmatism (common with nearsightedness). I wear and have been wearing contacts for years -- started with hard lens, now wear extended-wear disposables. They do not correct my vision to 20/20 nor do they correct my astigmatism, but I can function normally. I hate glasses. As with anything, there are certain disadvantages with contacts. Bottom line: Abuse your contacts, abuse your eyes. Simple as that. In a perfect world, my eyes are checked once a year for prescription changes, etc. Sometimes, I let it go longer than that. oops! Which is better depends on the individual. I prefer contact lenses.
• Malaysia
18 Sep 10
but actually.. is it contact lense or glasses really help us to recover our sighness? some opimetrist said that it is help our eyes to become back to normal.. but, I saw many of people that wear contact lense or glasses change their lense with more power..
• Philippines
22 Sep 10
My doctor prescribed me a brand where it allows more oxygen to flow into the lens to prevent dry eye. I think the safer kinds are the disposable ones which are used for 30 days maximum because the extended wear contacts can be worn for up to a year - less hassle, but more build up in the lens. At least with the disposable ones, you can have fresh ones every month. I prefer contact lenses because I feel irritated by the glasses. I can't lie down properly without removing them and constant feeling of them on my face, makes me uncomfortable. What I do is I wear contact lenses during the day, and as soon as I get home, I immediately remove them and wear glasses around the house. I think the key to using contact lenses is proper usage. There are dangers to using contact lenses but you just have to be really careful and mindful. My contact lenses can be worn overnight, but I don't practice that. My doctor also advised that as much as possible, even if the lens allows for overnight wear, avoid it.