if can choose a serie/movie for your life be similar what would you choose?^^

cute love^^ - girl and boy in love^^
September 17, 2010 4:09pm CST
hi guys^^ if you could choose a serie/movie for your life to be similar with it what would you choose?^^ i would like to choose the story he was cool^^ is a korean movie where a guy plays cold but is so sweet :) actually a girl falls by accident in top of him and they kiss and he says they have to be bf and gf now ahah she plays hard but accepts ahah^^ then in end we find out that when they were little the boy was in school and bcs his father had aids no kids wanted to go close to him with afraid to catch it wat is very stupid and poor boy^^ and this girl was only one that kissed him^^ so he fell for her till they grow up and then found her^^ too cute right?^^ i wish my life was like this^^ what about you guys?^^ please share^^
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