Nikita, episode "2.0"

@stealthy (8188)
United States
September 17, 2010 6:28pm CST
The second episode of this new show had flashbacks of a year before when Nikita saved Alex from being raped at a crack house and made her go cold turkey from her drug addiction. In another of the flashbacks Nikita returned home to find Alex on the floor and an empty bottle pills next to her. Nikita made Alex throw them up. Alex starting telling Nikita that she didn't have anything to live for, that all her loved ones were dead. Then Nikita admitted that she had followed Alex to the crack house and had been looking for her for two years. She told Alex that she knew how her parents were killed. My guess is that the Division, the organization that Nikita escaped from and is trying to take down and where in the present day Alex is undercover working for Nikita, is who had Alex's parents killed. I, also think that Nikita, when she was still being an assassin for the division is who killed them. Am I right?
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• Canada
18 Sep 10
Perhaps, or I was also thinking that perhaps either Nikita is connected to Alex or maybe Alex's parents were connected to Division some how. We know that when division gets recruits, they "kill" off the other life. Could be possible this is the case Alex looked rather surprised that Nikita said the words "I know who killed them" more so then anything else she had said to her.