inspiring movies

September 17, 2010 9:17pm CST
i am fond of watching movies especially those gives lessons after i watch it. i also want movies that are figuring something and those with twist in their stories. angels and demons is one example. i love it because they have to go to different places just to figure out who is killing some of the bishops. whenever i watch movies like that, i fell that ièm also searching for the answers. what movie do you like the most? maybe i can watch it also. :D
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• United States
18 Sep 10
You can watch the Whale Rider, it is an interesting movie but you won't hear anything about evil or good in it but rather a story of a tribe that is very inspiring especially for females because the main character is a girl. I have also seen the Kite Runner, great movie. The one that I would recommend is Amelie, it's a French film with a weird story, no killings but I find it very interesting for some reason. If you want some puzzling, disturbing movie I'll recommend you the movie "Who Can Kill A Child?" because it is freaky and you probably won't understand the idea itself. go watch the trailer and you'll see what I'm saying.
• Philippines
18 Sep 10
ok. i'll try watching those movies. :D