How can we claim to be the next, so called "SUPER POWER" ?

@neeraj07 (577)
November 17, 2006 1:16pm CST
In one instance we say India is developing very fastly and moving towards being a powerful nation. We see out economy is growing and MNC's flooding in our country. Surely thats happening. But why still some people in ur rural areas die just because of hunger. Why people in some places are deprived of bare necessities like clean water and food ? In this fast world, U still have to wait days, weeks, months or maybe years to get justice. We are a bunch of one of the most corrupt people of the world. These are just a few examples. The long list continues. Then inspite of these problems. How can we people say we will be the next "super power" ? Isn't it the most hillarious thing u've heard. Tell me ur views.
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@fiasco007 (819)
• United States
23 Nov 06
every country has alot of currupt people, and poverty. it just depends on the other people doing what is right and standing up to the curruption. Most indian people value their education, so this is a big step to fixing the problem. If you see curruption, then it needs to be driven out
• India
23 Nov 06
I agree with you.The first major setback for the development of India is its Population.The next one is Illetracy.The third is Corruption.First these are all to be eradicated in order for India to become a superpower.Also the teachings of Swami vivekananda should be imparted in schools and each and every youth should work for the development of India.
@pooja_cg (1735)
• India
19 Nov 06
i agree with u only by having nuclear power we can not be called super power.