When your officemates just talk to you because they need/ want something from u

@jennbart (1332)
September 18, 2010 3:42am CST
I went to an office before where people are so user friendly. When I was a trainee there and used to shadow on a team, people did not talk to me. I was just there like a chopped liver being alone. Then came when we are all about to go downstairs as we are going home already.. majority of them went up the shuttle bus that goes around the vicinity and drops them off somewhere. Then when only a few of them are still at the lobby, one of them asked me where I will take my ride. I just pointed at the parking area, and started walking towards it. Next day, they all went talking to me and some are even offering themselves to me, saying that we just live at the same place and they might ride with me on the way home. I just shrugged my shoulder and smirked. I am pissed with these kind of people. Had they not known I have a car, they will not ever talk to me. Such user friendly people.
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