Is she did a right thing?

September 18, 2010 5:51am CST
My bestfriend told me that her BF's ex GF still text him. when she read the message from her BF's hp, it seems like his ex still love him. her BF broke off with his ex 1 year ago. my bestfriend is a nice person. she dont want to hurt anyone and she feel like she is a 3rd person. she told me that she willing to sacrifice her 'love' to this girl. But BF love my bestfriend soo much. he already explain to his ex that he will get marry soon with my bestfriend but still his ex keep call & text him. He also dont know what to do to stop his ex to disturb his life. BF's family inform that they also dont really like his ex. My bestfriend plan to call and text this girl but her BF not alowed her to deal with his ex. He worried if his ex do something beyond her control. and a few days after, my best friend said she did ask advise personally from his BF's dad to settle this. She said she did this coz she know her BF never did anything to settle this b4. i also cant say anything. is she did a right thing?
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• United States
18 Sep 10
Oh this is quite a pickle, but the BF is the one who needs to put an end to the maddness. Maybe the only way to get the message to ex GF is by changing his number. Sometimes people like this ex GF do not stop and persist until ex gets miserable.
• Malaysia
18 Sep 10
Yeah, But this is 2nd time her BF changed his number. but ex gf get number from his other friend... hahhahah, his ex never give up..