How to become clever?

@mansoak (510)
September 18, 2010 1:09pm CST
Hi guys. The world that we live has lot of problems, lot of challenges . To come out of these circumstances a person should be clever and smart. How can a person become more clever, smarter and inteligent. Are there any ways to improve to become clever and smart?
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• India
19 Sep 10
Hi mansoak, There are two things which I consider. 1) Becoming clever 2) Born clever. 1)Born Clever are people who can get identified easily with their actions and their speech. 2) Becoming clever is the toughest part. Prepare your mind to avoid distractions, concentrate, write your cons, struggle to make those as your pros, read more, listen more, speak less, give an opt word in your speech etc and etc.... The list goes on.... But hopefully, we can acheive..... Have a great day.... Cheers.
• United States
18 Sep 10
Always take into account any past experiences and think all decisions carefully. As it is always okay to make mistakes, it is the repeated ones that cause us shame.
18 Sep 10
I think in life there are two types of people the ones who are naturally clever and those who have to really work to achieve their goals. To become 'clever' you need to study, absorb the information, and be the kind of person who asks questions and finds resolutions to problems. To get a long way in life you also have to be personable and people have to be able to get on with you.
• Pakistan
18 Sep 10
thnk and then speak..and alwyz spek on time!! ;) u vl b clvr