Okay, Where is PETA On This One?

United States
September 18, 2010 1:09pm CST
I saw the new commercial put out by a former manager of the PETA movement condemning MacDonald's for the heart attacks in our country. That was totally ridiculous, since the company doesn't push the food in our mouths; it is our decision to eat something we enjoy. BUT, my question is where is PETA on the government program, to which $700,000 in stimulus money was given, to get monkeys loaded on cocaine. The final test will be whether these monkeys, after they get hooked, can figure out how to prepare a dose to self-inject themselves! Wow! I know if I had seen THAT in the stimulus bill, I certainly would have said "What a great way to use our money! I can't wait to get monkeys hooked on drugs because we don't already have enough humans hooked!" Of course, another great million dollar project in Cal-i-forn-i-a is the laboratory to collect s*men from a mouse that might be going extinct! Another awesome use of funds. First of all, as fast as mice multiply, I find it difficult to imagine any of them going extinct - moving to the cities maybe - but hardly extinct. Besides, if I see a mouse in my house - extinction bound or otherwise, that rascal is gonna end up in a trap and then my trash can! (This statement will probably bring out the PETA folk.) Then there's good old L.A., the city that spent $111 million dollars and created 55 whole jobs with it! But, I digress. Just because we mistreat ourselves doesn't mean we should do the same to the monkeys. PETA, WHERE ARE YOU?
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