I have become a student of the nunchaku!

@fpsninja (874)
September 18, 2010 4:20pm CST
Hey all Recently, i have started "chuckin" in the garden with nunchucks. I have no teacher, and i dont go to lessons, but i watch videos online, and try to copy. I have been doing this for 3 days now, for between 30mins- 2 hours a day, and i am begining to feel i am getting the hang of it. I am by no means now able to do crazy stuff, but i begin to feel that i understand how they work, all about the weight of the chuck, and the grips! Trust me, give it a go! Though i warn you... the cost of my learning so far has been a fat lip, 2 knocks to the head, and various bruises around the body!
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