making money online is possible to some percentage

@monalily (380)
September 18, 2010 11:04pm CST
I have been searching a lot about making money online and earnsome good extra income. I have some god/bad experience about PTC websites after my research. I am saying that because i did join some ptc seites and got to know enough. But bad experience beccause i lost my time at ptc sites. for example i earned $7 at gagabux without referal but couldnt cashout as gagabux turned scam and is not paying its standard members. I clicked so many ads links which some were infected, and got my pc broken due to virus infection.... So ihave enough lesson and i am expecting to join pt, pylot. here i can posst info and earn(even if very low amount) all with out any risks. its encouraging for us to earn from the internet without doing much effort. but i would like to know if you guys know any other websites offering any kind of jobs APART PTC to earn a reasonable money per month. feel free to reply thanks. happy mylotting
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