The Fastest Messenger you like to use! Yahoo? Live? G-talk?

September 19, 2010 12:12am CST
Now a days messenger is highly important for internet users. they always send and receive message through it. But which one is the fastest? One of my friends suggests me to use Yahoo messenger. Obviously its working fast! It would be slower with Live messenger. sometimes it seems faster with G-talk. For file sharing and sending/receiving image or picture its much easier in Yahoo messenger. Believe it or not!!
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@luxlyangels (1286)
25 Sep 10
Yahoo messenger is widely used you know, But then again the latest versions are sometimes not good for slow connections. I use all,yahoo,msn,and rarely g talk because i have no contacts there.
• United States
19 Sep 10
I have been using Yahoo Messenger and I like it! In fact I am currently using Yahoo Messenger and chatting with my boyfriend :) I recommend it! I have not tried G-Talk yet, I think it is new but I will try it in the future. For now, I really like the emotions on yahoo and the buzz option.
@psphacker (1055)
• United States
19 Sep 10
I don't know which is the fastest messenger but the one I use is windows live messenger.