Halo reach

United States
September 19, 2010 1:15am CST
How many ppl have gotten the new halo reach game? I've been wanting to try it out for awhile now, I've heard the campaign and multiplayer are pretty epic. What are you're opinions on this new game and how it compares with halo 3?
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• United States
3 Oct 10
Halo reach is definately the best game in the halo series. They added so much like the class system and the online ranking system is so much better. No longer do you have to win a game to get xp. They also have commendations which are challenges you earn for various tasks, Example: Getting 100 headshots. Overall, the forge is amazing along with the campaign and firefight.
• Finland
4 Oct 10
Yea Forge is just amazing. I like doing stuff to the Forge World, it's just so big.
@ahand4u (35)
• United States
26 Jun 11
My opinion is it is indeed a very great game a lot of action. The firefight the most fun you could have though the story is only 10 to 11 mission its very fun thanks to the multiplayer and firefight I truly recommend Halo Reach.
@Lpok08 (11)
• United States
14 Oct 10
I am currently saving up my money to buy this game. :D I might also buy Call of Duty : Black Ops when it comes out.
• Finland
29 Sep 10
My opinion is that the game is AWESOME! I enjoyed the Halo 3 a lot but Halo Reach is much better! All those new class systems and more weapons, game types and new campaign! It is just so cool to play it with friends on the same Xbox, on Live or offline. I also like the Infection more in Reach than Halo 3. The shotgun is more effective and the zombies are cool too. I don't remember what map was it but you could climb to a roof of a building and just camp there with the shotty. Zombies only had one way to get there and before they got there you could just shoot them. My K/D was like +27 on that round. Also, because of the new game engine, you get more enemies against you so it's a bit harder than in Halo 3 but as enjoyable as it was, maybe just a little harder. The firefight is so cooler in this than in ODST. You can choose different types of firefights, my favorite is Sniperfight, your only weapon is sniper :). And this time YOU can go to the Covenant side. So my grade for this is A+ (or like in my country, 10+) You should definitely buy it!
@Asif362 (20)
• India
19 Sep 10
Haven't tried the game yet but have seen the trailers. The graphics are awesome and the weapons are reusable. You can take a look at the reviews of game.