360 rrod fix

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September 19, 2010 1:25am CST
This discussion is about the 360 and it's red ring of death, my 360 had gotten this trod. Awhile back, I recently fixed it and it works fine, ima tell you how to fix yours too, first, have you heard of the towel trick? This is like that but without the possible fire hazzords, first you get two cuetips and tear off the ends so your left with the plastic, and insert the two into the back of the 360 blcoking both fans with each cuetip, then just simply turn on your 360 and let it set until two redrings on the right side comes on, indicating its overheating, turn it off and let it set for at least 25-30mins to cool down, then cross your fingers and fire it up, hoping you get that green light. Workd for me, try it out, leave comments if you have any questions.. ENOY [=
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19 Sep 10
When I got rrod I tried the penny trick instead.However, I did do the towel trick afterward and everything worked completely fine for about a month or two. However, after this I decided to do only the towel trick. It worked for about a week. This time I decided to buy better thermal paste for the penny trick and replace the pennies. this worked for like a day or two. After that I just sold it and saved up for a ps3 (which I got for Christmas).
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20 Sep 10
I've heard of the penny trick but nvr gotten around to try it, and I tried the towel trick a couple of times but nvr workd for me,took to long, so I decided it'll be the same think if I js block the fans and let it overheat, and that workd perfectly, but I'm J's gonna sell it, since I have my ps3, the ps3 is a lot more fun. I think, you should read my psjailbreak discussion, you can backup your games to your internal or external harddrive[=
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15 Oct 11
You cou8ld send it to Microsoft if it's under warranty, but I have seen YOuTube videos of people opening theirs and fixing it, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you reallhy know what you're doing.