Why some person suicide over themself?

September 19, 2010 8:19am CST
Today's night my school's teaching building one boy 19 old jumped from its top die. the boy's family member came here want to kill my schoolmaster, were closed out side by guard. my school is impotent unit in my city, always keep close from out side to elevate exam results, I feel sorrowful, who is wrong to this case?
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@formidexo (1351)
• Canada
20 Sep 10
At 19, that's not a boy! Why did the man kill himself? Did he leave a note with an explanation?
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• United States
19 Sep 10
This is very sad that the 19 year old ended his life. I suppose the parents are not thinking clearly as what does it have to do with the schoolmaster. In order for anyone to end their life at such an early age they would have to have several issues going on. Perhaps the pressure of school pushed him over the top and caused the boy to finally give up. This too has to be devastating to the school master as not only hearing about the boy but now worrying about the families reaction. My prayers for the family of this young boy.
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@luxlyangels (1286)
30 Sep 10
Well because they are sick in the head. The boy is wrong and was probable sick. He needed help. God i hate sick people,in the head i mean