are you waiting for commonwealth games..??

September 19, 2010 9:45am CST
commonwealth geames just knocking the doors now..!! the game is about to is the pride to host this game for our country...!! but do you think is it the truth..??,after all sad and bad things happend with this event before the game start..,are you really waiting for these commonwealth games..?are you really interested to watch these games..?? are you really supporting these games..??..,are you waiting for these games..??
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• India
17 Nov 10
no i am not waiting for common wealth game because cwg has gone. and we host successfully.
@vbpujara (646)
• Rajkot, India
30 Sep 10
The commonwealth games are always interesting like olympics,we pride for it because it is in india but unfortunatey this commonwealth game is very uninteresting and what is reason everybody knows.specially neither politicians nor federation is giving enough attention on,they only interested in their big salaries...
• India
29 Sep 10
the commonwealth games which was supposed to be a great event in the present situation has become the worst thing to happen in india. due to the inappropriate leadership measures the government has taken towards the games the other countries are not willing to come to india. the government are not showing the interest which they have shown while they got the chance to be the host for the games. i to be frank is not at all waiting for the games.
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
19 Sep 10
I think the new game has been started before the commonwealth. Yes that is the game of politics and corruption. And we are being shown this game before the game starts. What ever the reality is we are unable to see. The country is spending the huge money of tax payers for its reputation and we are only trying to be the part of spoiling the reputation which is working like against the country. Atleast in the bad time we must be with our country like a true Indian and also support those small number of people who are really serious for the event to be succeeded.