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September 19, 2010 11:57pm CST
How many of us did ask this question? How many of us have done it, experienced it, felt it and belived and yet arrived with no result? In short, been there, done that. It is not a pleasant experience to have worked for a long time and still no result. Honestly, your faith can weaken as a result of these string of failures. Could these string of failures be a result of looking the wrong way or wrong place?It is like looking for your car inside the bedroom when you have parked it in the garage...is the car parked inside the bedroom? Ridiculous as it may sound but that is the way a lot of us act. Could it be that the success we have seeking is elusive because we are seeking the wrong thing?Dont get me wrong,God is not there to deprive you of your success. God does desire that we succeed in life.it is just a matter of seeking what is right. You will understand how to conquer poverty and lack when you first seek the Lord. Seeking the Lord is not intended to make our life difficult but rather make our life light and easy. Would you agree?
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• Philippines
25 Sep 10
i agree with you anaisaac21. Sometimes we fail to pursue what we have started. So expectant to received and get what we want for a long time, yet with no result. You will get weary and tired, both physically, mentally and spiritually. You're right, we seek for good but sometimes we are on the wrong motives or whatsoever we can call that.Even we seek the Lord first and His leadings for it, still it seems nothing's happening.And then we begin to ask our self. why is that so? It seems you are in the right place, still with no result? I know God's plan for His children, not to harm us,a plan to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future (JEremiah 29:11). You see the word 'hope' in that verse? It is the fuel that heat our hearts to continue believing that someday we will have it..Please don't lose hope.. For every good work we do, it will be in vain.
• Philippines
20 Sep 10
yes 100%. i better seak the lord than other things,because i love the lord so much than loving all the thing that i never had, though i seak something that can quench my need, but i still accept that not all i want will be granted.,