woow! pizzas r so delicious...

@monu17 (19)
September 20, 2010 2:57am CST
Ya really,pizzas r really very tasty n delicious too...
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@smilemoon (767)
• United Arab Emirates
26 Mar 12
Sure it is Yumme and delicious.
• Mexico
24 Sep 10
i agree with you i love pizzas i could eat them every day of my entire life:D
• South Africa
22 Sep 10
I Adore Pizza, lol
• South Africa
22 Sep 10
I have to agree. They are divine :)
@ankster (273)
• India
20 Sep 10
I love pizzas.I and my hubby are big pizza freak.We may eat pizza anytime.We love garlic bread also.my hubby is crazy about pizza.He ofte orders pizza at home also from pizza hut and dominos.I love dominos pizza and I do not like pizza huts pizza.I also know how to prepare pizza at home.Its easy once you get pizza base.
• Thailand
20 Sep 10
uh dont remind me of pizzas ... i havnt had one since a month now .... !!! and i miss my colourful n cheezy pizzas ...yes .. they r yummy but y arnt they healthy .... !!!
@ybong007 (6658)
• Philippines
20 Sep 10
The first thing i would do if ever i won in a lottery is to buy lots and lots of pizzas.
@sami00 (891)
• India
20 Sep 10
Hi, Pizzas are very delicious.I would need to got to restaurants for eating delicious pizzas.In my country Pizzas won't be so delicious.It will be like Pizza with cheese and vegetables.But in other foreign countries the pizzas are in different tastes.Pizzas would have some great taste in Italy.Since only Vegetable pizza is available in my city I would like to eat other types of Pizzas.