September 20, 2010 1:51pm CST
hello guys I wanted to share something that i feel very normally for the past few months. Well I am from a middle class Indian family and always had to suppress my wishes due to lack of money and finances. I have seen my parents sacrificing their wishes for my studies and also for my young brother's wishes. Now when I have completed my studies and have got a job, Although I have got a govt job with an ok salary, I still feel that I am unable to fulfill incomplete wishes of my family. Due to excessive price hike in India, its hard to manage. I am really feeling very desperate to earn a good amount of money from somewhere so that i can do something for my parents and family. I just dont know what should i do and how to do it. just dont know..... Please help me out....... :(
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@thebest1 (658)
• Romania
20 Sep 10
Hello ashshp! Why you're so pesimist?Do you think that your parents make sacrifice waiting as you give back what they not buy to give money for your study?I don't think so!All parents want that their child leave better than they and don't expect anything back,trust me!Sometimes is enough to call or visit them after a long day at the office and tell them that you just get a bonus!They will be so happy when you're happy!I'm parent too and I don't want that my daughter buy in a some days the car which I can't buy! Anyway..if you want to know other oportunity to make money online,just send me a message and I try to help you!All the best!
• India
20 Sep 10
i know my parents will be happy if i am happy, But i wan to see them happy with what they want. How can i think of myself now. My parents did everything for me in their life, now when its my turn to do something for them, how can i thibk that they will be happy watching me happy. I dont think i can do that, I will be happy if they are happy and if i can do somthing for them,
@jeffrynov (130)
• Indonesia
28 Sep 10
actually I hate indian but in your case it seems you are desperately wish to make your fam happy I think you should try to make another side job like working on restaurant or anything in order to get plus income sorry for what I said about indian but I think most Indian is greedy and corrupted soul make them annoying lately on my side of life
@amuiri (8)
• Kenya
21 Sep 10
Sorry for all the desperation you are going through. However, I think your problem is more to do with gratitude. You need to be grateful to have a government job and then work towards further success. Ungrateful attitude brings depression and desperation which in the long run can ruin even the little success you have. Remember you can never meet everyone's expectations. Appreciate yourself and what you are able to achieve at the moment. Then open your eyes to new opportunities in the internet, job market, business etc. It will be a matter of time before a good opportunity comes by. By appreciating and yourself, your confidence level will rise to success level.
@monouu (2612)
• Singapore
21 Sep 10
At least you still have a job, there are many jobless people out there. It is good to aim for something high but it is more important to learn to be self-contented. Don't go too deep into material enjoyment, it is an bottomless hole. Acting desperate will just make you frustrated,make wrong choices and even going into wrong illegal route thus you need to stay calm and find out what is your strong point and use it to work toward your goal.
@tovk12 (227)
• India
21 Sep 10
Hi Ashish, I can understand the feeling you have. I too feel the same and sometimes get very frustrated. I have seen my parents work so hard all their life. They are very old but still they keep working. My mom does all the household work and manages the tiny shop which we have. My dad manages all outside work while sharing the management of the tiny shop with my mom. As for me i work in a call center and the pay is ok but there is always the fear of loosing jobs. I too want to give my parents some rest and all the good things that are possible. But due to the increasing prices whatever we earn just vanishes like smoke. It is so frustrating when you try to same some money and find that the rates have just become double or many folds more that what they were when you started saving. Any ways lets not loose hope. We are on the right track of working online during our free time. Some day we will be able to do what we want... Give our parents what they deserve. Cheers!!!
• Philippines
21 Sep 10
Hi ashishp, i feel the same :(, i know how hard it is to give and share what you have with your family. We always dream to provide enough or more in order for them to have the most comfortable life as possible. My parents also did struggle to supply my needs and education, I also want to help them back even if I'm married now, luckily my husband is very understanding and very supportive with my decision to help my parents.
@muru1950 (964)
• India
21 Sep 10
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• United States
20 Sep 10
No matter what country anyone resides in these days money is not stretching as far as it should anymore. There are several online opportunities you can venture out into. Please be cautious however into researching and making sure it is not a form of scam. As so many misdeavious lurkes all around us preying on the needy. Be well and God Bless.