need some help for a blog

@xmlukax (231)
September 20, 2010 3:22pm CST
so i decided to make a blog but i dont know any subject what to do it about and i need some help how should i write it and where should i get people to read it
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20 Sep 10
Hi xmlukax, I just started a blog today too! I am thinking about writing on fringe scientific subjects and making them simple to understand, I also take quite an interest in the unexplained and so will be writing about that. I suggest you write down the top 5 things you are really interested in and then come up with about 5 blog titles for each to get a feel of what you will be comfortable writing. As an example your five areas of interest might be: sport eating sleep ants the building trade These are pretty random examples but it could be anything. In sport you could come up with a blog title like 'will the MLS ever be bigger than NFL?' then do some research and offer an insightful opinion. Under ants you could have a blog called 'Why does the bullet ant sting so bad?' again do a little research and offer people an informed opinion. As long as you are offering something that is not all about you then people will read it, most people don't want to read your diary though so I wouldn't go that way. Did you now that one of the most popular parts of any newspaper is the opinions section, this is largely because people can be lazy and appreciate it when other people offer them opinions on which they can for their own. I don't wanna go out and get a degree in biology to study the bullet ant but I may be happy to take your opinion on a bullet ant because it saves me work. The point is to provide your own opinion and not just generic facts. So the key is that you have something to offer (anything really) and that you create and informed opinion on that which you are offering. That's my take anyway and I hope it helps. Good luck on you blog!
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21 Sep 10
Why would you wanna create a blog then? If you don't have anything to write then just don't create one. Professional bloggers would suggest you write anything that comes to mind.
20 Sep 10
you must have a topic first, as of my blog, my topic is money try to view mine