Having 2 male cats.

United States
September 20, 2010 3:29pm CST
I have a male cat and he is not fixed right now. I was thinking of getting another can and it would probably be male also so I don't get kittens since I can't afford to get my cat fixed right now. Now my question is Is it true that male cats will spray when around another male cat to mark their territory? I don't want to get another male cat if I end up with that horrible cat pee smell on things that is like impossible to get rid of. Also if i get a male cat that is just a kitten and my other cat is a grown male will they still spray for dominance or can the kitten learn his place because he is new and younger? If you have any information please share. Please and Thank You.
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@minx267 (14580)
• Hartford, Connecticut
22 Sep 10
Yes An unfixed male will spray. And if you do get him fixed after he already develops this habit he will continue to do so.. I think you will find having to unfixed males in a house that they will fight a lot too. And it's not pretty. I strongly suggest fixing your male cat. It will make him a lot happier- otherwise his hormones (and his needs) are just going to want to make him roam and fight.