What is your biggest mistake you've ever done in your life and how did youfix it

@yomy1984 (177)
United States
September 20, 2010 7:53pm CST
This question has been in many forums. Happens to be the same question in Miss Universe for Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj. And she answer Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the wonderful question, In my 22 years of existence, there nothing major major problem she've encounter. Isn't it hard to answer? Would you be able to dare to answer it honestly in millions of people watching and listening about your failure?
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@waazula (117)
• China
21 Sep 10
I would say the biggest mistake in my life was that I chose not to go to high school but attended a vocational school instead. This is the regret of my whole life and I've gone through many obstacles in the many years that follow trying to fix it by other ways. I was walking on a wining road trying to reach my peers who're walking on the broad street with many supports. It was a painful experience to look back. Upon graduation from Junior high school I mistakenly chose the vocation school under the advise of my classmate's mother who wanted me to accompany her daughter in that vocational school which she believed would lead to a steady, promising career as a country teacher. But that school was never fitable for me. I blindly believed her and unestimated my ability to attend prestigious universities later on. From that night on, the nightmares began. I'd cried many times with great regretness, and may even wanted to get back to attend exams again to go to study in the senior high school. But no one supported me and I dare not take that risk either. So I stayed in that vocational school for 5 days, ending up getting an associate degree while all my peers are attaining their bachelor degree. I was the best at class that time and I am perfectly sure I could strive to attend a famous uni yet I never got the chance to attend that national college entrance examination. Will I give myself up just because I made a wrong choice? Will I never get to do the jobs I want, will I never receive the uni education? After long-time struggle, I finally persuaded myself to study by myself to catch up with those peers in unis. I've dedicated great efforts to study, to learn from those excellent ones, and to compensate myself both in knowledge as well as horizons, trying to keep up with those regular undergraduates. It was tough times, no one could tell how much pain I've endured, no one could tell how many hardships I've suffered. I pulled through finally. Today, I'm still one step further from those uni peers but I've been confident with myself and I was glad that I chose to find ways to fix such a wrong choice instead of give up. Even now, even here, I'm still trying to fix it, and it has become a way of my life. I'll be positive towards life, be confident about myself, and go for what I believe in, totally.
@yomy1984 (177)
• United States
25 Sep 10
you can do it, sometimes i wonder the same thing too, why what is the reason why i have face this situation, but then, no one knows. Maybe because its not for you. There might be something big for you in the future..what or how, we don't know. All we need to do is, have self confidence in everything we do..face the challenge. You can do it. Everything happens for a reason...just keep believing it..for your sure..i know you can do it.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
21 Sep 10
well now ms raj made a mistake har har har. there are mistake that can no longer get fix and we have to do with mistakes like that is to learn from it and make sure you wont let it happened again. my mistake was i did not finished my college and now i do have regrets regarding that. now that i have a four year old son i will guide him in the best way i can so he can finish studies. now regarding your question if i can dare myself to answer that in millions of crowds then i say no. it is not my cup of tea to join on contest like that my too wont join a contest like that. what ms raj said was not wrong but not right as well. questions like that has no right answers it is just how you deliver it.
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21 Sep 10
"Regrets? I had a few. But then again, too few to mention." Now be sure to sing it in tune if you are in some karaoke bar in the Philippines because if not... you will surely regret the biggest mistake in your life! Hahaha :))
21 Sep 10
maybe leaving my family and stand alone its hard i tink i can make it but not sometimes i tink to kill my self hahaha but i cant too,so i apologize to them of course hey accept me and i change my self it good to be with them even if sometimes have bad feeling with them but its ok.now i understand them.