Help! ~ I'm Being Stalked by a Hornet

September 20, 2010 8:34pm CST
I was out doing errands today in my little Sunfire minding my own business when this big ugly hornet came in the window. I was just sitting in the car digging through my purse looking for that darn list I made of things I needed to get. I had just come from McDonald's and had one of those big cups of pop sitting in the drink hole of my console. He came right in and starting trying to drink my soda pop. I don't like hornets, in fact I like them even less than bees. So I sit there trying not to move hoping he would just fly out the window and not sting me. He finally flew out the window. I hurried and rolled up the windows and never though no more about it until I came out of the store. There he was right by my car waiting for me! What a time I had getting in that car! People in the parking lot must have thought to themselves,"look at that crazy old lady, what is she doing making all those gestures at her car, she must crazy!" I finally get in my car and drive away. Do you know what that hornet did? He followed me! I'm not kidding, I looked out my driver's window and there he is flying beside my car, looking more angry than ever. He followed me right to the next stop! Don't laugh I'm serious, he followed me, kept right up to me and I'm a bit lead-footed. When I stopped the car I didn't see him so I ran from my car into the store. After I finished my shopping I went back out to my car. There is that bugger, sitting right on my door handle. What will I do now? I put my purchases in the trunk and still he doesn't move! So I'm not touching him, no way! I go around to the passenger side and crawl across the console. Now, I know the people in the parking thinks I'm crazy, my butt all stuck up in the air while I'm crawling over the console. I'm so embarrassed! I finally get all settled in my seat and guess what? That darn hornet is in the car with me. He's sitting on the dash looking at me! I'm not fooling his big googly eyes gawking right at me! Give me the creeps! So I roll the windows down again and wait for him to leave. At last he flys out the window and I quickly roll those windows up again. It is hot and stuffy in the car and I'm getting annoyed about the hornet. But off I go to my next destination. I look in the rear view window and what do I see? That darn hornets on my back window, he's holding on for dear life. By now I'm sick of that hornet, he's starting to tick me off. So I went into this store and I come out with a big old can of Raid! There he is, he don't disappoint me, he's sitting right there on my driver's side window. He's doing his googly eyed thing at me but this time I'm ready for him. I get out that big old can of Raid and start spraying it at him. He's getting all riled up and I'm starting to think this was not a good idea. he starts getting all flying around mad like and what do I do? I start swatting at him with that big old can of Raid. I'm getting panicky thinking he's going sting me and I start swinging that can around and bring it right down on my window real hard. Crack! Goes my window! Then that hornet flys away but I hear him when he goes he's laughing his head off at me! Have you ever been tormented by a hornet like this before? I wonder what was attracting him to my car? Its mid September too, I don't remember seeing hornets this late that were not starting to get sluggish. Strange behavior!
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• United States
21 Sep 10
Sounds like you had a whole gang after you today, oh my. Did any of the sugar from the soda leak out and was it a warm day today?? If no, then maybe it was just one of those crazy days for you. I have never been tormented like this before, but from what it sounds like it had to be a really bad experience.
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@johney264 (548)
• China
21 Sep 10
strange, amazing and awful experience, may be as you said he just want a flower or some thing smelling nice, most of hornet no sting people don't worry about it, you are a lucky fellow, next time will be a beautiful butterfly. have a good day.
• Canada
21 Sep 10
Thank you Johney for commenting , I certainly wouldn't mind a butterfly stalking me.