DSLR - nikon or canon?

@aarpees (149)
September 21, 2010 12:59am CST
who owns a DSLR? I am planning to buy a DSLR this week. I am torn between a canon camera or nikon. I am choosing among canon 500d, nikon d5000 and nikon d90. ofcourse, I am more into the first two because they are cheaper and I am just newbie. What do you think? Any advice? need help please.:)
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• Mumbai, India
21 Sep 10
Hey hello, The canon and nikon debate will be going on forever, both are equally good brands. The best way to select the camera is go to the local stores ask for the models you want and feel them in your hand, Pick up the one you are most comfortable with :). I would definately go for a Nikon D-90 if I have that budget, because it has been their bestseller till date and the best of the avaliable models in that category. AS far as canon 500d and nikon d5000 are concerned:- Nikon is slightly better in low-light performance and has a swivel LCD which you can rotate to view different angles plus its a 12 megapixel camera. It can't shoot full/true HD. Canon 500d has the edge in better choices of lens especially in prime lens, but for those who do not want to have prime lens, canon 500d is 15 megapixels and can shoot full resolution HD videos(1080x1920), nikon has some great pro-zoom lens. Both are equally good and best entry level DSLR's as well as good for Amateurs, Hence I would suggest you to go to a local store, feel both the cameras and decide which gives you better feel in hand. That is the only and only way to choose the best for you :) Hope my 2 cents help :)
@aarpees (149)
21 Sep 10
hi, i have tried using both, but I still am undecided. I like d5000 but i personally do not like the swivel type lcd. However, i feel like the canon is too light for me. If i still couldnt decided till saturday, i guess i would have to wait a little longer and earn some more for a d90. that though makes me frustrated.errr anyway, thank you for the advice!!
• Mumbai, India
21 Sep 10
Hello Aarpees. Sorry to hear that you are still undecided :(. Btw if you are ignoring the nikon D-5000 just because you don't like the LCD, then it won't be a problem even if you don't use it, as people Use "Viewfinders" in Dslr's which gives the accurate view of the picture with focus points. The LCD's are just complementary, viewfinders form the important part of DSLR's for viewing and taking pictures. If you seriously like nikon then go for it. But be sure to consider your budget as you will need to purchase some good lens further. Canon has edge over lenses as they are cheap compared to nikons. Hope this helps now. Yeah D-90 is anytime best, and confirm if the models are avaliable now as nikon has been planning to replace D-90 with may be D-7000 Which they have already launched, not sure if they will be discontinuing with their best selling model d-90, but its confirmed news that its in process of replacement and production has stopped for the time being.
• Thailand
22 Oct 10
Hi, I'm using Nikon D90 :) Nikon or Canon? you can should one that you like. You should go to the shop and try it. I will talk about the differrences of Nikon d5000 and Nikon D90. D90 has In-body focus motor But D5000 don't has. LCD monitor D90 is 3.0" 920,000 pixel TFT ; D5000 is 2.7" 230,000 pixel TFT Hope you find your brand new camera :)
@aarpees (149)
2 Nov 10
hi,i already bought a dslr. I bought a canon 500d. So far enjoying it. Maybe ill upgrade my body when I can say that I am already good at taking pictures. For now, I will just invest in lenses.:)
@affios (10)
16 Oct 10
nikon is my choice
@egsunio (76)
• Philippines
22 Sep 10
I started with a Nikon D80 then upgraded to D90. Based on my experience and what i've read and heard, you can't go wrong with these two brands. So the other factors are then the feel (try them out), additional or unique features (full HD vs non full), lenses (though both virtually have the same range of lenses), price and maybe peer effect (what your friends have). Another thing worth considering is, are you really ready to be using these (big) DSLR's or you'd rather have the small versions like the Sony NEX5. Good luck!
• Indonesia
21 Sep 10
hey im a 550D owners i think 500D is good but nikon is a good branded too,,so in my opinion i think the point in DSLR is the lenses,,because lenses makes everything better without editing etc
@anthonydt (146)
• United States
21 Sep 10
I have a newbie to photography.. I bought a D40 DSLR. I am new to photography trying to understand all the components/skils and the D40 was the most recommended for newbies and cheapest.. However, my brother in law has the D90 and he loves it. I love mine too but I am not on the level of that yet. I'd go with the Nikon :)