old friends

September 21, 2010 9:18am CST
my old friends , nearly about more then 8 years before , they felt like i forgot them totally , juz becoz i am more educated , now a dyas when i meet them the casual behaviour is missing now , i feel sulky to say it frankly , i cant express how much i miss them in these 8 years , its juz becoz of my studies i cant meet them , how can i be along with them again , without explaining those gap , coz i really cant explain that and even they wont understand my feeling , and at present also , we guys wont meet in often , they do their job and i does mine and even if i talk also , their attitude seems like they dont want to continue the conversation and i get back , i know these are nice guys , i really want to be around them ,............how can i be
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@luna1980 (53)
• Thailand
21 Sep 10
... How about just forget it! Don't have to explain any thing to them. You didn't see them for 8 years, how about just listen to them and learn what they used to do and talking. I had this experienced, it is hard to trying to do like you said. But one thing you can do is listen as much as you can and talking when their asking. I believe that their also feel the same you but 8 years... we can say that you guys just first meet again.. many things change... I believe that friendship from your true heart will guide you to do the best for them.
• China
22 Sep 10
I am afraid i don't agree with you.Friends are always freinds.They may have not much in common just like eight years ago.however it is not their will.just like what you say,many things change and that is not what we can stop .but i firmly belive their freindship is still there.his freinds maybe just are suffering a lot just like luna.they all miss each other much at the bottom of their heart.such a deep and genuine friendship shouldn't be abandoned due to a narrow gap. in my opinion,luna shouldn't be so pessimistic about the freindship.there's still hope out there.since luna cherish the freindship so much ,he should be courageous enough to bring their relationship back on track again.no more escape,just face it !
• Thailand
24 Sep 10
Just as the frist step to stop and listen them talk first.. That what I did :-) It is always work when you meet people and try to listen them as much as they try to talk then get back to yourself at what you are. I have some friends changed when we didn't meet often.. and after they have gf or bf.. it is difficult to understand some time ..but I still always take they calling .. never stop go out with them when they ask :-) .... I meant you have to stop by learning them first before share your self stories, just a nice nice.. :-) Zydklmyt, I am just new here..how can I know if some one add comment on my comment like you in my mail box? Do I have to set some thing... sorry for ask.. very very new here.. hehehe..
• Philippines
15 Oct 10
about my old friends..I really missed our bonding..when we are in high school..even if we are in far..we also have our communication..like txting each other and by chatting..we also have a comment in our new faces in face book..but we decided when all of us are vacant because some of them are not studying in college..we are going to have a trip..