Please help, I got Oozing raised skin on Ankles

September 21, 2010 1:06pm CST
I really don't know what to do. On my ankle there's a raised spot actually a patch which itches like crazy. Its kind of red and blistery. The worst part is that it is oozing a clear, yellowish fluid. I tried applying Dettol but to no avail. Please help. Thank you.
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• United States
21 Sep 10
this sounds like an infection. You need to go to a doctor to get antibiotics if it is really serious. otherwise STOP scratching it, clean the area and wrap it in clean gauze to keep the area for getting contaminated with other bacteria. good luck!
• India
22 Sep 10
Stop scratching seems to be the best advice I can follow at the moment. Unfortunately it is also the most difficult. Self control has it's limits. However today I scratched it till it bled. Then I washed it with an antiseptic, applied some antibiotic ointment that a doctor once prescribed me and then put a band-aid on top. It hasn't bothered me for 5 hours now. So let's see what happens. Thanks for posting.