Almost 2 year old little boss.

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September 21, 2010 5:08pm CST
I have little girl and a little boy for the most part very well behaved kids. My little girl will be 2 in 2 days and I sometimes her saying "mommy said no" or like today I heard her telling her cousins "mommy said no fighting" or she will stay "stop it" when my sister is playing with the fan LIKE STICKING HER FINGER IN IT. My sister dose it just to annoy me she is 21 but anyways, My little "boss" will walk up to my sister and say "stop it, your gonna get hurt" its cute. But do I stop this I don't want her to get to bossy she never hits sometimes she bites (only when someone is say sitting on her.) Her cousins are 3 and going to be 5 in 4 days. They are not so well behaved, they wont listen to anyone I try to teach them they need to listen but I think my mom baby's them because they don't have a mother (hoping soon they wont have a father, he maybe going to jail for things no one should ever do to a child.) There mother passed away in February of 09.
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@pastigger (618)
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23 Sep 10
I hope the father does go to jail. But with your daughter it is a tricky situation. It is hard having a bossy child. I actually do daycare and my newest little girl is super bossy and will try and hit the other kids if they don't listen to her. It took a few weeks but I had to put across the message that I am the boss and if she has problems to come tell me. And that hitting is not ok. She was in a daycare center before and they don't always have discipline they do have positive reinforcement which I have mixed feeling about. But I have found that it is usually the little girls that do this they become little mommies. As long it doesn't get to bad I wouldn't worry to much. It could be a phase or she may just be a little mommy. At least at this point at least you know she is listening to you and understands the rules.
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21 Sep 10
I feel bad for the child with no mother and soon no father. I hope who ever gets the kids teach them to listen to people. It could save thier lives from hurt later on.